Social Media – What Content Should You Post

Social Media – What Content Should You Post? 70-20-10 Rule

Social Media – What content should you post

Social Media – What Content Should You Post

In short, building a successful social media component into your marketing plan is very important. However, trying to get the most of that digital presence can be very challenging.

The eternal question is what types of content should a brand post? The 70:20:10 rule allows you to structure your updates, allowing your company to appear reputable, whilst simultaneously engaging the reader.

  • 70% of content should be proven content that supports building your brand or attracting visitors to your site. For example providing relevant business tips, recent happenings, surveys, etc
  • 20% of content should be content from others, such as promoting another’s business or sharing interesting articles written by another and tagging
  • 10% of content should be call-to-action in nature such as sales, discounts, introduction on new offerings, etc.

Post content focused on specific customer needs and not company needs that promotes engagement with the brand through visually-stimulating images, videos, links, and compelling content.  Include a strong call-to-action and drive the reader to your website.

Post length should be under 5000 characters – post just enough information to create interest with a call-to-action to drive traffic to website.

Check your post insights to get an understanding of when is the best time to post.

Don’t bombard your readers with numerous daily posts. Instead focus on creating meaningful and relevant content for your target audience. Remember, when it comes to social media, quality is always better than quantity. Less is more.

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