Our Story

About Western Webs which has been operating since 1998. In fact, at the end of the 90’s the sector of website development started flourishing with ease. But still people refrained to invest in this sector due to the fear of loss. However, with the insightful guidance from Paddy Coyne the company set about treading the risky waters of this sector.

With the passage of time the website development started booming with invigorating zeal to success. Thus, people started becoming more interested in this simplified way of marketing. Consequently, they began to invest their profits to take advantage of this powerful business tool. Therefore, the risk which was taken by our dynamic co-founder Alan Coyne began to reap rewards towards the path of continuous success.

The Early Years

Initially, the company set out to offer with web design and development services. Consequently, with the flow of time we began to venture into other fields as well. As a result, the company has been striving from the past 20 years to cater for a diverse clients base. Likewise, on the way have garnered an immense amount of trust from them. Of course, we instill all our efforts in providing highly qualitative results. Uniquely, our group of creative skilled professional developers try to understand the needs and requirements of our customers. Firstly, towards delivering results which are at par with their expectations with ease. Finally, in providing all the services related to this sector which comprising creative web development skills.


We understand that different people want different requirements for their product therefore we customize our project in such a way that it is pleasing not only for the client but for their customers as well. We believe in constantly innovating and expanding. Therefore we do not limit our operations towards web development only. The beauty about Western Webs is that we have garnered expertise in the field of web marketing Ireland as well.


Paddy Coyne co-founder of Western Webs

Paddy coyne

Alan Coyne co-founder of Western Webs

Alan Coyne

We offer a wide array of services, so that our current as well as prospective clients. Therefore, our Search Engine Optimization team is not only familiar with the current tools of SEO but they also have expertise in this sector as well. Finally, we provide a systematic approach of work, which we underpin wit exceptional customer support.
We  also provide social media support, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords camaigns.

Paddy Coyne


Alan Coyne


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