Chiropractor at Tuam Therapy Centre

Tuam Therapy Centre

Tuam Therapy Centre

Tuam Therapy Centre use a brochure style website from Western Webs to promote their services. In addition, the therapy centre run by Chiropractor Daryl Coyne, wish to advertise the range of remedial treatments to clients.

The Therapy Centre at the N17 Business Park in Tuam offers a range of physical and health related therapies. In addition, the centre is very easy to locate as it is close to the M17 Mototway and N83 (formerly N17) Junction.


A range of physical therapies such as ChiropracticFunctional Movement ScreeningStrength & Conditioning for rehabilitation and Sports Massage. For example, a chiropractic treatment mostly involves spinal manipulation to free joints along the spine. Those include other areas of the body that may have restricted movement. Apart from manipulation, chiropractors may also use a variety of soft tissue techniques. By the same token, chiropractors often offer advice about types of exercise and healthy lifestyle.

The brochure style website is built on a WordPress platform and is mobile responsive. In addition, the website optimisation is for fast loading performance and uses an Irish hosting provider.

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